Packer Game Night!

On Sunday, the hall had a Packer watching night.  There were little smokies and meatballs, and it was a lot of fun (depending on who you wanted to win!)!!


Fun with Super Fight

After the meeting, a few of us decided to play Super Fight, a game where you get ridiculous characters and abilities and you argue who's hero is the best.  It was a lot of fun, and we want to play it and some other games again soon!  Hopefully, we can get a big group of... Continue Reading →

Composting for the Win!

During our first wing meeting on Thursday, compost buckets were handed out to each suite so that we all can do our part in making the world a better place to live.  I hope that each and every one of you uses these compost buckets, and don't forget that you can dump the compost in... Continue Reading →

Movie and Pizza Night!

Last night, Hannah, Karim, Bryant, and I went to the outdoor movie and pizza party!  Domino's, Steve's, and Pizza Hut provided pizza, and Los Amigos handed out some chips and salsa.  Although it was a bit chilly and Guardians of the Galaxy v. 2 was cut short because of wind issues, it really was a... Continue Reading →

FFA and 4-H Board

In the elevator bay, Holly and I created a board that shows some differences and similarities between FFA and 4-H.  Were you in FFA or 4-H?  Head over to that board and write it on the side!

About FFA and About Me Board

This is the first bulletin board of the year!  Since our floor theme is FFA and 4-H, 1 West's RA Holly did a board about 4-H, and I did a board about FFA.  Please read it to learn all about this great organization that has had a personal impact on me!  Also, read the "About Me"... Continue Reading →

FFA/4-H Door Dec

Check out the front of your suite door for your first door dec this year!  As you've probably noticed, this year's opening theme for Southwest is State Fair, and our floor theme is 4-H and FFA.  The door decs I made bring the two together by merging the 4-H logo and the FFA emblem!

Welcome to the New School Year!

Hello, everyone!  This is the 1E website this year!  Feel free to look through this website to familiarize yourself, and check back often as I plan to update this website with information throughout the year.  Our theme for Welcome Weekend is State Fair.  Check out the hall for different State Fair items everywhere.  Have you... Continue Reading →

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