The Giving Tree

Do you want to give back this holiday season?  We have a great opportunity for you!  Michaela and I just put up a Giving Tree on the bulletin board in the main lobby!  All you have to do is go to the Giving Tree, pick out a child that you would like to buy a... Continue Reading →


Rainbow Rave!

Yesterday was the annual Rainbow Rave conference and drag show!  It was a lot of fun getting to go to various workshops in the morning and see all of the entertainers last night! I highly encourage you to go next year!  You will learn a lot and have a ton of fun while doing so! ... Continue Reading →

Cake Walk!

Wednesday was Cake Walk!  I talked with quite a few of you about coming to the cake walk and donating for it!  There were so many donations from people in Southwest and elsewhere, it was wonderful!  On Wednesday, there were a lot of people at the cake walk, and we were able to make over... Continue Reading →

Day of the Dead Door Dec

Everyone got new door decs this week!  They are celebrating Day of the Dead, a holiday in Mexico on November 1st and 2nd.  Read your purple slip on your door to learn more about Day of the Dead and the importance of the holiday!

Roommate Conflict Board

In the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to put up a Halloween-like board, so this roommate conflict board is up!  Check it out to learn how to avoid "scary" situations with your suitemates!

Queer Quest: A Night of Fun and Games!

Tonight, Queer Quest was hosted!  Emily from the Doyle Center came and talked about different terms in the LGBTQ+ community through a fun matching game.  She then led a question and answer session about the community and the Doyle Center.  After that, Michaela and I led Jeopardy.  Everyone left with a prize, and refreshments were... Continue Reading →

House Decoration

Thursday night and into Friday, a group of us in the hall worked on the house decorations that were in the Multipurpose room.  It was a lot of hard work, but it looked great when it was all done.  If you didn't hear, our theme was Safari, so we had safari animals all around a... Continue Reading →

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