International Night 2017

Last Saturday (4/1), Sam (102), Amanda (108) and I attended this year’s International Night. The annual event, which was held at Velzy Commons in Ullsvik, adopted Around Europe as its theme for this year. Many performances based from different cultures were on show that night. Various types of dishes were also served- from frogs legs, egg salad to the delicious creme brulee. All in all, it was a memorable experience.

Cooking In a Mug

This past week, Karim and I attended the Cooking in a Mug program at SWH’s recreation room. The program was hosted and organized by RAs Katie and Taylor. It was definitely an interesting program- one that can benefit the busiest of college students. The program provided attendees a free mug, a bag of basic ingredients and a basic compilation of recipes for ‘mug chefs’.

Wonder Women 

March is usually dedicated to all women in this world and what better way to appreciate women by looking back in time and getting to know monumental efforts made by wonderful women of yester years. 

Taste of Asia Flashback

On March 4th (Saturday), Sam and I went to the Lutheran Church to participate the Taste of Asia event in which we were given the opportunity to try out some Asian dishes. Sam and I thoroughly enjoyed the food and company there. I would definately recommend others to attend this event in thr future if given thr chance.

SWH Friday Night Club

On February 24, 2017, Southwest Hall hosted its Friday Night Club (FNC) which was themed Neighborhood Games this semester. More than 100 people showed up at the PAC. Karim (101) and Bryan (102) joined in the fun at the volleyball court.