About Me

Greetings 1 East,

My name is Dilip Nair (first name is pronounced just like Philip but replace Ph with D; last name is pronounced as Na-yer 😀 ) and I’ll be your RA for this upcoming year. You can call me Dilip. I am an international student from Malaysia (wedged between Singapore and Thailand) and I will be finishing my degree program in Mechanical Engineering at the end of the Spring 2017. Apart from spending my time with homework, studying and assignments, I enjoy watching soccer and listening to music. I am a supporter of a soccer club from England- Liverpool FC of the English Premier League. I enjoy listening to alternative rock bands such as The All American Rejects, Angels and Airwaves, Placebo and some Blink-182 tunes 😀 .

My personal goal to give back to the general community of UWP and further harness my leadership skills were the prime driving force in me wanting to become an RA. I am certain that my past experiences as a Residential Hall Association (RHA) representative and a member of the International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) during the past year can benefit everyone, not only in 1 East, but also the entire residential community of Southwest Hall.

I am very much looking forward to spending my last year (I hope! 🙂 ) at UWP with all of you. With that being said, strap on as we begin the 2016-2017 year with door decs, fun activities and countless sessions of yelling at the television (looking at you football, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc. fans :D).

-Dilip Nair-

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