Tuesday Recap: Pizza with Chancellor Shields

Last Tuesday (10/25/2016), the Chancellor of University of Wisconsin-Platteville- Chancellor Dennis Shields- decided to pay Southwest Hall a visit to spend some time with residents as well as to feast on pizzas with residents. Two residents from 1 East (Brent and Karim) took time from their busy schedule to dine with the Chancellor, as well as with staffs from the Department of Residence Life and residents from other wings. Apart from dining with residents and Resident Life staffs, Chancellor Shields was also willing to participate in an open discussion in which he answered numerous questions brought froward by attendees of the event. The discussion, that was held in Southwest Hall’s multipurpose rooms, gave everyone who attended an insight as to the current development that is taking place not only within UWP, but also within other public universities in Wisconsin as well. All in all, the event was a hit as residents were educated with current administrative, academic and social issues that are currently taking place within UWP and other public Wisconsin universities.


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